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Let's get you the guide and show you what's in store for you right now.  Download link is at the bottom of the page.

Your Download Link Is At the Bottom of the Page. First, Let Me Extend an Invitation to You...

Claim Your Copy of “The Magic of Newsletter Marketing” and discover the ultimate secret to more profits and customers for life!

Let Cap’t Jim show you the philosophy, strategies, and tactics for effectively marketing with newsletters to build your business.

You will quickly and clearly see both why and how to use newsletters to retain clients, get new clients, and boost client loyalty.

Whatever business or industry you are in, this book will help you produce a newsletter that you can be proud of and use to build your business.

The book is free - just pay shipping!

Here's What's Inside Your Client Attraction and Retention Guide

Be on the lookout for these eye-grabbers...

Advertising is Everywhere – when you can’t even pump gas or buy eggs without getting bombarded by marketing messages, there’s one way to cut right through the noise
Build an “Iron Fence” – poachers are everywhere, doing everything they can to steal your customers and get to your prospect first, but they aren’t doing THIS
7 Secrets of Producing a Newsletter – these will challenge and encourage you to look at your advertising and marketing in a new way, (and #7 will SHOCK you)
Build Relationships With Prospects You Don’t Have (Yet) – if your business is something people only need when something urgent and sudden comes up, do this now
The Leaky Bucket Analogy – it’s easier to plug leaks in a bucket than to keep filling it with water, so discover how to apply this metaphor and increase your profits
The Lifetime Value of Your Customer (LVC) – the vast majority of entrepreneurs aren’t even doing this simple math equation that protects & increases profits

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